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Quick Intro to eXadox File Organizer/Retrieval Software

Organizing and retrieving files efficiently helps productivity. eXadox is a simple and affordable tool that exploits a structured file naming strategy as a best practice for file management.

eXadox Quick Overview Video
eXadox DT Quick Overview

Structured File Naming via Profiles and Smart Lists in eXadox DT

Structured file naming conventions ensure collaboration via file sharing. eXadox DT ensures file naming policy adherence using Profile templates and Smart List for each business activity.

Profiles and Smart Lists in eXadox DT Video
Profiles and Smart Lists in eXadox DT

Saving and Retrieving Files Using eXadox Search

Fast and precise file retrieval improves efficiency and productivity. eXadox Quick Search works with all files and Advanced Search takes advantage of smart lists.

Searching in eXadox DT Video
Searching in eXadox DT

Naming and Saving E-Mails and Files in a Folder using eXadox DT

Files, emails and attachments should be viewed, named and saved properly asap as a best practice. eXadox DT can operate in working file folder or InstaFile mode to name and save them quickly.

Naming and Saving Emails in eXadox DT Video
Naming and Saving Emails in eXadox DT

Structured File Naming for Folders and Files Using eXadox DT

Files should be named using structured file naming conventions easily. eXadox DT enables naming of files as per naming policies for any file or folder simply by drag & drop or a mouse click.

Processing Files and Folders in eXadox DT Video
Processing Files and Folders in eXadox DT

Structured File Naming in any App using eXadox EXPress

Semi-automatically name and save your files with your favorite app using eXadox EXPress. It provides a simple and smart solution to the universal problem of enforcing file naming and storage policies for any type of business.

Naming in eXadox EXP Video
Naming & Saving with eXadox EXP

Tame your Paper Tiger into a Digital Document Pussycat with eXadox DT

Scan your paper tiger into a digital pussycat using eXadox electronic document organizer software. Rename images & PDFs as per your file naming convention for easy search and retrieval.

Processing Scanned Documents in eXadox DT Video
Processing Scanned Documents in eXadox DT

eXadox WIZ - Document Naming and Storage Planning Wizard

Video illustrating how eXadox WIZ is used to plan a document naming and storage policy for a hypothetical project management department that needs to make provisions for folder/file elements and metadata.

Planning your filenaming convention with eXadox WIZ
Filenaming convention planning with eXadox WIZ

File Naming, Saving & Search via eXadox MS Office Plug-in

Structured file naming should be done anytime a new Microsoft Office document is created or modified. eXadox MSO is a plug-in for MS Office that enables semi-automated filenaming and search.

Naming and Search in eXadox MSO Video
Naming, Saving & Searching in eXadox MSO

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