eXadox solutions for managing scanned images and electronic documents can fast-track paperless office projects with minimal effort/investment. Features include:

» Easy document filing and sharing

eXadox is an affordable and simple software for electronic document filing and document retrieval. Facilitates paperless office productivity by helping manage and share electronic documents and images.

» Unobtrusive gradual deployment

eXadox can be gradually deployed in context to a long-term paperless office strategy and in concert with the organization’s current method of operation.

» Works within Microsoft Office

Structured file naming and storage control directly within Microsoft Office(MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint). Plugs into Microsoft Office seamlessly.

» View, rename and store email attachments

Drag and drop attached documents directly from email software(e.g. Outlook) for instant viewing, renaming and storage.

» Innovative and flexible

Uses structured file naming as an indexing strategy to streamline document management activities. Maintains adherence to designated storage and file naming policy on the company-wide or business unit level. Can complement imaging and record / document systems.

» Semi-automated structured file naming and storage

File name gets auto-populated accurately with minimal keying. No browsing for selecting storage destination is required.

» Affordable document management

Our eXadox document imaging and management system software solutions start as low as 95$ per user licence. Installation, Personalization and Training services are available.