Frequently Asked Questions - eXadox DT

Why should I file images instead of paper ? ( top )

Everyone's reason for moving from paper filing to electronic filing is different. The commonality that we have seen is productivity. Manual filing is labour intensive and it requires even more effort to retrieve those filed documents. Sometimes files are misfiled, misplaced or just go missing. The cost can be huge especially for critical files. The savings can be substantial depending on volume. Another common reason is to alleviate the concern of document recoverability in case of disaster. How would it impact your business if your paper documents were suddenly destroyed? Many businesses view documents as assets that need to be protected and backed up for the well being of the company. A more recent phenomenon is the value of document accessibility from home or while travelling. Many of our clients have also expressed that the affordability of our bundled eXadox solutions including services makes their decision to start electronic filing easier.

Why should I use eXadox for my document management needs ? ( top )

eXadox is a simple, affordable and a flexible document archival and retrieval tool. Users in a professional environment wishing to archive medium to large volumes of documents efficiently especially appreciate it. All folders are auto-created; therefore the payback is almost immediate for any business that needs to create hundreds of file folders. It is highly scalable because it supports multiple profiles that are user created and defined. The profiles can be unique or shared and can pertain to a specific individual, department, division or a company. The user interface is very simple because it consists of just two intuitive input screens: one for document archival and one for retrieval. These input screens can be further optimized for minimum input through quick and easy customization by the user.

What type of documents does eXadox support ? ( top )

eXadox supports all document file types. It takes particular advantage of PDFs because of extended features within eXadox tailored specifically for PDFs.

Why is the eXadox packaged only with Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners ? ( top )

We have evaluated other professional quality scanner products and concluded that the Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners are the best price performance products and they also have attractive warranty plans. They come with excellent free software such as ABBYY FineReader for OCRing documents; CardMinder for reading business cards and the advanced Adobe Acrobat Standard v8, which allows to create and comment PDF files. Furthermore they are fast, reliable and easy to operate and maintain.

Does eXadox work with file images from other scanners ? ( top )

Yes! Although eXadox has been packaged with the Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner it is scanner independent because it supports all electronic file formats. You just have to select a “working folder", and eXadox will allow you to archive the scanned files in that folder one after the other. The only limitation is that only industry standard image file formats are directly viewable via the eXadox user interface thumbnail. All images or documents may be viewed with the associated application in native mode by double clicking on the thumbnail area.

Why do you bundle installation, personalization and training services with the eXadox package ? ( top )

The majority of our new clients are more familiar with filing papers as opposed to images or electronic files. Naturally there is an inherent fear to embark on new approaches of doing business especially when technology is involved. We are sensitive to this and therefore have decided to make the transition as effortless and as affordable as possible for our clients. Before we leave our client's premises we need to be certain that they are confident, operational and happy to start taking advantage of the technology.

Is there an advantage to buying bundled service packages ? ( top )

Yes! We offer a significant savings incentive when purchasing bundled service packages. It is our way of encouraging clients to take advantage of our services that will help ensure that their transition to electronic filing is both a satisfactory and successful experience.

Do you provide services on-site or through remote connection ? ( top )

We are able to provide services through on-site visits or remotely via an Internet connection. We prefer to provide the service on-site whenever possible especially as it relates to training because face-to-face instruction is always the best. We are able to provide on-site services thanks to a network of certified consultants. Special conditions apply for on-site services as it relates to travel charges.

How does the eXadox document archival work ? ( top )

It is simple but smart because it bypasses all unnecessary document archival complexities by using the filename for indexing purposes. The principle is that if you use a structured file naming convention and assign a unique filename that is constructed using predefined lists you will be able index each file with little effort and little danger of error. There is minimal or no typing necessary because the information is input by clicking on the data from lists under your control. The lists are managed by you through external applications such as accounting, CRM software, MS Excel or directly within eXadox if you prefer. The lists can be client names, suppliers, contract Ids, policy numbers, document types or whatever is pertinent to your business. Because there is multi-profile support and every profile may have its own unique lists it is possible to do document archival for multiple departments, companies or divisions from the same station instantly. Last but not least eXadox also enables you to track where and when a corresponding physical document was stored by embedding the information directly into the PDF when applicable.

How does the eXadox document retrieval work ? ( top )

The retrieval is designed using the same concept as the archival function. So it is simple because it takes advantage of the lists for your profile when building the search string.The retrieval is precise because it relies on the data within your lists and it is fast because it is able to search multiple folders using multi-threading technology.

How are the eXadox lists used for file naming and folder selection ? ( top )

The lists are simply text file tables (or mini databases) consisting of up to 4 fields that are tab delimited and are used to improve accuracy, consistency and minimize keyboard input when indexing or searching for documents. They are initially populated by importing information from the user's application (e.g. accounting, CRM, MS Excel). There are up to 4 columns available per list. The first is used as an encoded ID field such as INV for Invoice for a document type list; or STRA_J for John Strathmore for a folder identification list. The second column is the primary descriptive field for selection purposes (e.g. Invoice or Strathmore_John). The third and fourth columns are optional but can contain extra information like an address or social security number for John Strathmore. These extra optional fields become invaluable when attempting to distinguish between for example Smith_J1, Smith_J2 and Smith_J3. How these lists are used and the maintenance of these lists is entirely under the user's control. There are virtually no limits to the variations, size or purpose of these list as it relates to document indexing and searching because eXadox has multi-profile support; and each profile may have its own unique lists.

How many eXadox licenses does a small department or office need ? ( top )

You can manage with one eXadox license in a small office setting. Typically the licence is installed near or where a scanner is installed. However, it is highly recommended that a second license also be installed for the supervisor so that they may perform searches without impacting the individual responsible for archiving. Assuming that the files are located on a network drive it is also possible to archive from the second station or any other station that has access to documents to be archived.

How is eXadox licensed ? ( top )

You must purchase one license for each workstation that will use the eXadox archiving or search functionnalities. Site licenses can be deployed subject to a special agreement.

What languages is eXadox available in ? ( top )

eXadox is presently available in English and French. There are plans to add: Spanish, German and Italian. Other languages would be considered based on demand. Switching between languages is instantaneous without having to restart the program.

Is eXadox accessible from other applications ? ( top )

Presently eXadox can be access from Windows Explorer enabling the user to perform Exadox archival on any selected files or folder by right clicking on the mouse.

How do I buy eXadox ? ( top )

eXadox may be purchased in a number of ways. You may fill a PDF order form and fax it (or email it to us). You can request for a quote and then place a purchase order. You can also call us at 1-855-239-2369.

How do I get support and updates ? ( top )

When you purchase eXadox, the first year of support and updates are included, entitling you to 12 months of free updates and email support(2 months for basic version). For subsequent years, maintenance may be purchased at a nominal fee. One must be on maintenance to be eligible for updates.