About eXadox RAD

eXadox RAD is the technology used to develop applications such as eXadox DT. eXadox RAD was developed by MultiCIM Technologies Inc. as a rapid and easy way to develop applications that typically require the following functionality :

eXadox RAD graphic
  • User-defined metadata input structure and content
  • Metadata input entry by a user or external program
  • Association of the data with one or more electronic file
  • Services or tasks to be executed to/with the data and/or the electronic file
  • Operation in Batch mode including dispatching, monitoring and execution
  • Integration with other applications using a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • XML data structure

It should be noted that eXadox DT does not take advantage of all eXadox RAD functionality especially as it relates to external application services because it is not a batch-oriented application. However eXadox DT can potentially be extended to do so should the need arise. Refer to the illustration below to understand how eXadoxRAD technology may be implemented on an enterprise-wide scale to handle transactional operations that involve electronic documents, metadata and services fulfilled by external applications. To appreciate the type of external application service, please refer to another MultiCIM developed software, eXtractoflex, which is used to automate supplier invoice processing for accounts payable departments.