Benefits - eXadox DT

Less time managing paper - more time servicing accounts

eXadox eliminates the filing and retrieving of paper documents thus freeing you to perform activities that are essential and contribute to the profitability of your business.

Digitized documents add increased value to the enterprise

Documents are information assets of the company that are required for day to day business operations. When the documents are in an electronic format the value of the asset increases many fold because the information may more readily be exploited for the benefit of the company.

Reduced operating cost via increased efficiency

Managing paper documents is an expensive labor-intensive activity. When paper is a key component in the business process, each time a sheet of paper is handled, there is an additional cost, a cost that can and should be avoided. Furthermore a business process that can take advantage of electronic documents is substantially more efficient and cost effective.

Global access of documents by more than one person at a time

Digital documents reside on a disk volume and may be accessible to multiple knowledge workers at the same time assuming the network configuration permits it. The implication is that with the benefit of a local area network (LAN), a wide area network and/or the Internet it is possible to contribute to your organization throughput independent of location.

Disaster recovery is immediate with proper offsite backups

Digital documents may be easily backed up onto disk volumes that can be taken off the premises so that in the event of a disaster business can continue with minimal negative impact.